What we offer ...

Smellena's workouts are fun adventure themed workouts for children aged 2-7. Each video has a different adventure for the kids to go on. 


The aim of each video is to get the kids moving, their heart rate up, introduce them to basic fitness exercises in a fun and engaging way. These videos also provide educational elements, such as counting, shapes and colours. Please see example videos for an idea of exactly what we offer.


The subscription allows you to access to the back archive of videos on offer, along with a new fun adventure workout each week.


These videos are fun and easy to follow and last between 15-20 mins. They are designed to be done in small spaces as well as large so are very adaptable to the area you have available.


Because they are all online, you can download them and take them with you on holiday or wherever you go, so your kids never miss out on an adventure.


Each video is interactive and the animated background provides a fun visual for the children to immerse themselves in, as well as providing visual shapes, numbers and colours for the children to see, making it easier for them to learn. 

Any questions or specific theme requests please get in touch using the button below.