Beverly Walton,

'Captivating, Magical, Brilliant!' 

Smellena's Workouts absolutely captivates my 3 year old. He loves it! Smellena's Workouts is a magical journey that not only keeps your little one active with short weekly workouts, but covers lots of the EYFS such as numbers, shapes and counting. Great fun and it even sucks in the older children too! Let's face it who doesn't enjoy a space adventure! Brilliant! Keep the adventures coming! Absolutely brilliant! 


Erin Hughes, 

'My 4 year old loves it'

My 4 year old absolutely loves these workouts, he dances along and gets really excited when he gets the answers right to the shapes, colours and counting elements!


Emma Holland, 

'My class loved it'

My class have absolutely loved Helena's Viking workout! Straight away she was asking about specific themes so she could adapt the workout specifically to the class, as well as any areas of learning that would be helpful to focus on. This made it so unique and tailor made for my children. She's super energetic which instantly engages the children into the workout ! Would highly recommend !